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Homer Simpson.png
Marge Simpson.png
Bart Simpson.png
Lisa Simpson.png
Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson.png
Mindy Simmons.png
Lurleen Lumpkin.png
Shauna Tifton.png
Maggie Simpson
Mindy Simmons
Lurleen Lumpkin
Shauna Tifton
Princess Kashmir.png
Jacques Brunswick.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Princess Kashmir
Buck-toothed girl
Boy with shades
Sin imagen.png
Adrian Belew.png
Girl with glasses
Adrian Belew
Wendell Borton.png
Nelson Muntz.png
Martin Prince.png
Ralph Wiggum.png
Wendell Borton
Nelson Muntz
Martin Prince
Ralph Wiggum
Rod Flanders.png
Todd Flanders.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Rod Flanders
Todd Flanders
Dr. Hibbert's Second Son
Dr. Hibbert's Daughter
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Terri Mackleberry.png
Long-haired girl
Nina Skalka
Buck-toothed boy
Sherri y Terri
Milhouse Van Houten.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Milhouse Van Houten
Lewis's lookalike
Smug Girl
Matt Groening.png
Sin imagen.png
Gary Chalmers.png
Elizabeth Hoover.png
Matt Groening
Ruth Powers Tapped Out
Gary Chalmers
Elizabeth Hoover
Clancy Wiggum.png
Sarah Wiggum.png
Ned Flanders.png
Willie McDougal.png
Clancy Wiggum
Sarah Wiggum
Ned Flanders
Groundskeeper Willie
Dewey Largo.png
Doris Freedman.png
Julius Hibbert.png
Bernice Hibbert.png
Dewey Largo
Doris Freedman
Julius Hibbert
Bernice Hibbert
Lenny Leonard.png
Carl Carlson.png
Abraham Simpson.png
Barney Gumble.png
Lenny Leonard
Carl Carlson
Abraham Simpson
Barney Gumble
Selma Bouvier.png
Ms. Albright.png
Martin Prince Sr..png
Selma Bouvier
Ms. Albright
Martin Prince Sr.
Martha Prince.png
Patty Bouvier.png
Jasper Beardley.png
Kirk Van Houten.png
Martha Prince
Patty Bouvier
Kirk Van Houten
Luann Van Houten.png
Hans Moleman.png
Joe Quimby.png
Martha Quimby.png
Luann Van Houten
Hans Moleman
Joe Quimby
Martha Quimby
Kent Brockman.png
Bumblebee Man.png
Horatio McCallister.png
Otto Mann.png
Kent Brockman
Bumblebee Man
Horatio McCallister
Otto Mann
Waylon Smithers.png
Sin imagen.png
Agnes Skinner.png
Timothy Lovejoy.png
Waylon Smithers Jr.
Blue Haired Lawyer
Agnes Skinner
Timothy Lovejoy
Helen Lovejoy.png
Professor Frink.png
Moe Szyslak.png
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.png
Helen Lovejoy
Professor Frink
Moe Szyslak
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon.png
Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon.png
Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon
Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon
Old Jewish Man.png
Sin imagen.png
Lindsey Naegle.png
Disco Stu.png
Old Jewish Man
Alice Glick
Lindsey Naegle
Disco Stu
Roy Snyder.png
Melvin Van Horne.png
Fat Tony.png
Cookie Kwan.png
Roy Snyder
Melvin Van Horne
Fat Tony
Cookie Kwan
Sin imagen.png
Edna Krabappel.png
The Larry Davis Experience
Edna Krabappel
Seymour Skinner.png
Jeff Albertson.png

Seymour Skinner
Comic Book Guy

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