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Homer Simpson.png
Marge Simpson.png
Bart Simpson.png
Lisa Simpson.png
Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson.png
Abraham Simpson.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Maggie Simpson
Abraham Simpson
Booth Wilkes-John
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Milhouse Van Houten.png
Gus Huebner
Sophie Jensen
Brown-haired boy
Milhouse Van Houten
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Girl playing soccer
Girl with ponytail
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Lisa's Classmate 3
Chuck (student)
Audrey McConnell's Student 1
Crystal Beth Spuckler
Sin imagen.png
Nelson Muntz.png
Janey Powell.png
Allison Taylor.png
Crystal Meth Spuckler
Nelson Muntz
Janey Powell
Allison Taylor
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Gloria's Daughter
Becky (Student)
Unknown Fourth Grade Girl 3
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Ralph Wiggum.png
Sin imagen.png
Sara (Student)
Audrey McConnell's Student 4
Ralph Wiggum
Shauna Chalmers
Sin imagen.png
Kearney Zzyzwicz.png
Dolph Starbeam.png
Jimbo Jones.png
Lisa's Classmate 4
Kearney Zzyzwicz
Dolph Starbeam
Jimbo Jones
Timothy Lovejoy.png
Helen Lovejoy.png
Melvin Van Horne.png
Ned Flanders.png
Timothy Lovejoy
Helen Lovejoy
Melvin Van Horne
Ned Flanders
Lenny Leonard.png
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Carl Carlson.png
Lenny Leonard
Gloria's Husband
Gloria (White Christmas Blues)
Carl Carlson
Gil Gunderson.png
Kirk Van Houten.png
Luann Van Houten.png
Elizabeth Hoover.png
Gil Gunderson
Kirk Van Houten
Luann Van Houten
Elizabeth Hoover
Sin imagen.png
Agnes Skinner.png
Seymour Skinner.png
Julius Hibbert.png
Coach Kurt
Agnes Skinner
Seymour Skinner
Julius Hibbert
Bernice Hibbert.png
Charles Montgomery Burns.png
Clancy Wiggum.png
Sarah Wiggum.png
Bernice Hibbert
Charles Montgomery Burns
Clancy Wiggum
Sarah Wiggum
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png
Unknown Girl 2
Unnamed girl with red glasses
Sin imagen.png
Sin imagen.png

Audrey McConnell's Student 5
Database's Girlfriend

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