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Burns State Prison.png
Calmwood Mental Hospital.png
Center for Geriatric Medicine.png
Springfield Court House.png
Burns State Prison
Calmwood Mental Hospital
Center for Geriatric Medicine
Springfield Court House
First Church of Springfield.png
Fort Sensible.png
First Church of Springfield
Fort Sensible
Helter Shelter.png
IRS Building.png
Minimum Security Prison.png
Monorail Station.png
Helter Shelter
IRS Building
Minimum Security Prison
Monorail Station
Museum of Swordfish.png
National Bank of Springfield.png
Office of Unemployment.png
Police Station.png
Museum of Swordfish
National Bank of Springfield
Office of Unemployment
Police Station
Rail Yard.png
Retirement Castle.png
Shotgun Pete's.png
Springfield Animal Shelter.png
Rail Yard
Retirement Castle
Shotgun Pete's
Springfield Animal Shelter
Springfield Buddhist Temple.png
Springfield Coliseum.png
Springfield Community Center.png
Springfield Convention Center.png
Springfield Buddhist Temple
Springfield Coliseum
Springfield Community Center
Springfield Convention Center
Springfield Dump.png
Springfield General Hospital.png
Springfield Knowledgeum.png
Springfield Library.png
Springfield Dump
Springfield General Hospital
Springfield Knowledgeum
Springfield Library
Springfield Museum of Natural History.png
Springfield Museum.png
Springfield Observatory.png
Springfield Opera House.png
Springfield Museum of Natural History
Springfield Museum
Springfield Observatory
Springfield Opera House
Springfield Orphanage.png
Springfield Penitentiary.png
Springfield Post Office.png
Springfield Tar Pits.png
Springfield Orphanage
Springfield Penitentiary
Springfield Post Office
Springfield Tar Pits
Springfield Wax Museum.png
Town Hall.png

Springfield Wax Museum
Town Hall