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Establecimientos deportivos

All Night Gym.png
Barney's Bowlarama.png
Basketball Stadium.png
Duff Stadium.png
All Night Gym
Barney's Bowlarama
Basketball Stadium
Duff Stadium
Indoor Tennis Courts.png
L.A. Body Works.png
Lugash's Gym.png
Indoor Tennis Courts
L.A. Body Works
Lugash's Gym
Sir Putt-A-Lot's.png
Ski Chalet.png
Springfield Downs.png
Springfield Skating Rink.png
Sir Putt-A-Lot's
Ski Chalet
Springfield Downs
Springfield Skating Rink


Establecimientos educativos

Adult Education Annex.png
Institute of Technology.png
Montessori School.png
Preparatory School.png
Adult Education Annex
Institute of Technology
Montessori School
Preparatory School
Springfield Elementary School.png
Springfield High School.png
Waverly Hills Elementary.png
Springfield Elementary School
Springfield High School
Waverly Hills Elementary

Lugares públicos

Botanical Garden.png
Pet Cemetery.png
Springfield Cemetery.png
Springfield Falls.png
Botanical Garden
Pet Cemetery
Springfield Cemetery
Springfield Falls
Springfield Farmers Market.png
Springfield Lake.png
Springfield Park.png
Springfield Squidport.png
Springfield Farmers Market
Springfield Lake
Springfield Park
Springfield Squidport
Spruce Caboose.png

Spruce Caboose

Teatros y Cines

Aztec Theatre.png
Big T Theatre.png
Drive-In Theater.png
Heights Theater.png
Aztec Theatre
Big T Theatre
Drive-In Theater
Heights Theater
Open Air Stage.png
Springfield Clamphitheater.png

Open Air Stage
Springfield Clamphitheater