In 2006, the internet site published their list of the Top 25 Peripheral Simpsons characters.


According to the article, "There are many, many small "peripheral" roles on The Simpsons, but how did IGN TV determine the best peripheral characters? Well, first we eliminated characters that are shown often enough to be considered "regulars" (like Moe, Milhouse, Mr. Burns, and Smithers) or big supporting characters that have often gotten their own storylines (like Krusty, Apu and Principal Skinner). After all the bigger characters were removed, we narrowed down our list to the 25 characters we like the best. Limiting the number to 25 meant that some of the characters we wanted to make the list didn't, such as Kang and Kodos, Gil, and Dr. Hibbert -- so maybe there's another character list in our future."

The list

  1. Troy McClure
  2. Sideshow Bob
  3. Ralph Wiggum
  4. Groundskeeper Willie
  5. Barney Gumble
  6. Lenny Leonard & Carl Carlson
  7. Cletus Spuckler
  8. Comic Book Guy
  9. Otto Mann
  10. Itchy & Scratchy
  11. Patty Bouvier
  12. Captain Horatio McCallister
  13. Joe Quimby
  14. Professor Frink
  15. Lionel Hutz
  16. Edna Krabappel
  17. Frank Grimes
  18. Fat Tony
  19. Snake Jailbird
  20. Hans Moleman
  21. Duffman
  22. Mr. Teeny
  23. Dr. Nick Riviera
  24. Disco Stu
  25. Bumblebee Man


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