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Are you looking for guest star, 'N Sync?

'N Sync was an American pop band formed in Orlando in 1995.


After their concert, Party Posse winded down. Suddenly, 'N Sync walked in with the accompaniment of dance-pop music that magically comes from nowhere. They congratulated Party Posse and even gave them a wicked gift basket. After learning that their clothes were getting a little out of date, 'N Sync left to buy new clothes. Party Posse then decided to send them a basket, too.

When L.T. Smash sent the ship to New York City to attack MAD, 'N Sync appeared there to stop him. Unfortunately, he destroyed the MAD building with the ship's missiles. After arresting Smash, 'N Sync convened on the bridge of the ship. They said that U. S. Navy protects us from Godzilla, pirates and jellyfish every day. They also recommended the viewers to check out the Navy for a two or four-year hitch. They even signed JC up yesterday, much to his surprise.


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