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Whether you're an idealistic stargazer like Lisa or a faded Southern belle who needs the forgiving cloak of night to seduce naive young delivery boys with more pizza than common sense, I say Springfield will be the dimmest town in America!
Joe Quimby

"'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky" is the sixteenth episode of Season 14.


When a man convinces Lisa that her life lacks direction, she plans to focus on astronomy, and her first aim is to make the city to turn off the lights to watch the falling stars.

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Declan Desmond visits Springfield Elementary School and interviews the kids for a documentary. However when interviewing Lisa, he says that she has no future due to having a variety of interests.

To prove him wrong, Lisa visits the Springfield Science Museum to find a career to choose. After rejecting several topics, she plans to take up astronomy.

Lisa convinces Homer to buy her a telescope. The town's lights to observe the stars and planets prove difficult for Lisa, something that Professor Frink describes as light pollution, so she goes up a hill to watch the sky.

At a town meeting, Lisa and astronomer Frink persuade the mayor to turn off outdoor lights so that everyone can enjoy the night sky and the meteor shower. First, people enjoy the stars and the peculiar constellations, but this results in increased crime, so in another town meeting, Mayor Quimby turns the lights back on, so that it is as bright as if it were noon.


Meanwhile, when Bart is being interviewed by Declan, he observes Nelson is popular because he stole a hood ornament from a car. Bart then chooses that the only way to be cooler than him is to steal one himself. He tries by painting Maggie's pacifier silver, but the bullies soon realize that it is phony.

Fat Tony is very hostile when his car is touched. Bart has trouble finding a hood ornament, since every car around has been harvested during the time the street lights have been turned off, so he focuses on trying to steal the ornament from Fat Tony's car. This proves to be a challenge once all the street lights are turned on. But Bart isn't the only one suffering from the lights. They are so bright during the night that the entire town can't get to sleep. Lisa is frustrated because she will miss the meteor shower.


Seeing that both Bart and Lisa are looking for the same thing, they work together to get a very drowsy Homer to give them access into the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer is so suggestible, he is easily convinced he is playing patty cake with Maggie, and he activates the door's hand control. They enter and pull the main power lever to "overload". The lights start to explode everywhere, leading to a mass blackout. The town gathers into a mob which immediately turns peaceful after they look at the meteors. Bart steals the long-awaited hood ornament from Fat Tony's car.

Professor Frink is nearly hit by a meteor that falls near the observatory that contains some carbon-based molecules, with which he says he may be able to prove the existence of life in outer space, but an alien inside hops away.

Cut to Declan's documentary, in which some kids talk about their desires -- one of which is Milhouse wanting to become a baseball player.


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