C.E. D'oh
'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky
Three Gays of the Condo
Groundskeeper Willie: (snores, then is partly awake) Eh? Huh? What? Go Aberdeen! (goes back to sleep, snoring)

Marge: This is even better than our screen saver. And I love our screen saver!

Lisa: You stole my stars, Springfield! No one ever wrote a poem about sickly orange barf glow!

Lenny: Boy, this light is really screwing up the animals.
(A bird jumps out of a tree, lands on the ground, and digs a hole a la Bugs Bunny.)
Homer: I'll bet somewhere there's a horse drinking coffee.

Declan Desmond: America is supposed to be democracy. But in the school yard, 'Cool' rules. And Springfield's Machiavelli of the monkey bars is one Bartholomew Simpson. On today's royal agenda; digging up dirt clods to throw at his school chums.
Bart: I chuck 'em at nerds, girls I like, whatever. (Bart is hit by a dirt clod himself) Ow!
Nelson: Munch mud, Simpson! (Nelson and the other bullies laugh)
Bart: I'm telling! (He begins to cry, covers his face, and waves the camera away) Oh, man!
Desmond: And, in a flash, Bart's glory has gone the way of England's masculinity.

Carl: (on the enternal light) You know, this reminds me of my icelandic boyhood!

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