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"Tis the 30th Season" is the tenth episode of Season 30.


After a failed Black Friday shopping spree, Marge is determined to fix Christmas. However, Homer and the kids surprise Marge with a vacation to a Florida resort.

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After Thanksgiving Dinner, Bart and Lisa are excited for Christmas. They show Marge their Christmas List, and they both only have one thing on their lists; a "GL50 9K SMART TV". Marge and Homer say they will think about it, as Bart and Lisa skip away.

Later, Marge says she wants every part of their Christmas to be perfect, but the Smart TV the the kids want is $2,400. Homer contradicts her, saying that their current TV is fine. Homer turns it on to show a Sprawl-Mart Black Friday Commercial. The commercial shows that the Smart TV is on sale for only $499.99. Marge realizes that buying it tomorrow is the best way to get it. Homer agrees with Marge's plan, and calls their TV dumb.

Later that night, Marge and Homer devise a plan; Marge leaves for Sprawl Mart, getting them a good place in line, and Homer will sleep until 3:00 AM when he's well-rested to relieve Marge. She kisses Homer goodbye, only for his tongue to get stick to her zipper.

Marge arrives at Sprawl-Mart, and gets in the short line, only to be confronted by Gil. He offers her some chicken powder, only for her to realize that it's just water. Gil is getting a "Futon Friend" for his granddaughter, to show her that he isn't just a grandpa that lives at the airport. This realization causes Gil to cry, but calms down when Marge gives him her earmuffs.

Hours later, the line is much longer, and the temperature has dropped. Gil's hands are beginning to get incredibly cold, so Marge gives him her mittens. Since Marge offered almost all of her winter clothing to Gil, she is getting cold. Marge sees that it is 2:30, and knows that Homer will be there any minute.

Back at the house, Homer wakes up, and has left many reminders about relieving Marge at 3:00 AM. He walks out the door, only for his scarf to get stuck, banging his head on the door, knocking him out.

Meanwhile, Marge is still waiting without Homer, and at 5:55, everyone manages to get in. Marge's hands are frozen, but this makes it easy to hit people. She is nearly to the Electronics Department, but notices Gil failing to get a Futon Friend. She gives in, and throws Gil onto the display, allowing him to get the final one for sale, but at the cost of the Smart TV, as they were all taken. Gil says that she had given Marge the greatest gift of all; a grandchild's love. But Lovejoy trades Gil's Futon Friend for $100, making Marge's sacrifice useless.

When Marge is walking back to her car, Homer arrives a bit too late, crashing his car into a streetlamp, and apologizes for letting her down. Marge says he can't be mad at him because it's Christmas, and she vows on her life to make it a great Christmas. Homer offers to drive, but crashes her car into a streetlamp as well.

On December 1st, Marge tells Bart and Lisa that they won't be able to get the Smart TV for Christmas, and they don't take it well. Marge leaves the room, and Homer tells the kids that this Christmas will about Marge, and that they need to find a way how. Lisa gets the idea for the family to go on a vacation to Florida, so they browse places to go online. They eventually find a place called "Kissimmee St. Nick Theme Park and Resort" Lisa questions if they can be sure of what it seems in the add, but after Homer sees that there is one room left, he buys it without question.

December 18th. Marge is true to her promise to making it a good Christmas, but she isn't doing so well. Homer asks about spending Christmas somewhere else, but Marge says that "If it's not home, it's not Christmas." So Homer thinks that they have to take her out cold. He puts some sleeping medicine in Marge's tea, and Bart and Lisa sing carols while Marge drinks the contaminated tea, and falls asleep.

Marge then wakes up and realizes that she's in the car with the rest of the family. Homer tells her that they're in Tennessee. Bart has a sign on the back of Marge's sedan that says, "Tennessee Titans", since they're in Tennessee. Homer then says they're going into Georgia. Bart then puts a new poster that says, "Atlanta Falcons", to which a passing man recognizes and cheers Homer for.

They then end up at a motel in Florida. Homer urges Bart and Lisa to pretend that they are enjoying themselves for Marge's sake, but the theme park turns out to be full of bizarre, frightening rides and obscure cartoon characters. Bart and Lisa complain to the manager, Jeanie, but she dismissed them and Bart vows revenge. The Simpsons finally admit to each other that they all hate their stay and decide to go home. Bart scares Jeanie by removing the heads of the animatronic figures in the Hall of Vice Presidents and putting them in her bed.

The car runs out of gas just outside Springfield and the Simpsons are forced to walk the rest of the way. Upon reaching the town, they find Moe hosting a Christmas dinner for the old and needy in his tavern. They join the dinner, along with Grampa Simpson, having gained the importance of being with friends and family for the holidays.

Jeanie refunds the Simpsons' money and adds $2,400 in exchange for their promise never to come back. They buy the Smart TV.

Broadcast History

United States

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  • December 9, 2018
  • March 3, 2019
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  • December 22, 2020
  • December 24, 2020
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  • December 24, 2020
  • December 26, 2020
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