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101 Mitigations is the fifteenth episode of Season 30.


After Homer steals Comic Book Guy’s car, he must either prove his innocence in court or reconcile with the jilted nerd.


Homer and the children are eating at The Gilded Truffle, where they used a misprinted coupon with a 100% discount. Meanwhile, with the money saved, Marge receives a Swedish massage. Outside the restaurant, Homer warns the kids not to hurry out scammed. Raphael valet attendant hands Homer the keys to the wrong car, a luxurious 1957 Cadillac that Homer recalls from his youth. Bart, Lisa and Maggie enjoy a joyride inside the car. Back with Marge's massage, she feels that Homer is doing something "incredibly stupid."

When they return to the restaurant, their owner, Jeff Albertson, threatens to press charges of grand theft auto against Homer for stealing his father's car. When Jeff Albertson realizes that his mint condition, the # 1 edition of the Radioactive Man, was damaged. He files charges and Homer is arrested. At the Springfield County Courthouse, Judge Snyder pleads Homer guilty, even after a touching letter of apology written by Lisa.

With two weeks before his sentencing hearing, the family prepares for the opportunity for Homer to go to jail, and Marge agrees to make peace with Jeff Albertson. She goes to the Android Dungeon to negotiate, but Jeff Albertson says the problem is getting respect. At home, Lisa discovers sentencing mitigation videos, including an employee by Mr. Burns, for one of her crimes against Springfield. The video, directed by Guillermo del Toro, opens with several monsters, then offers Burns as a sympathetic monster and product of a careless and harassed childhood. They choose to use the latest Springfield videographer, Gil, with whom Marge is at the old Gil's wedding video store, where he realizes they can make their own recording. His efforts fall short, but Lisa is able to unite the work using her Final Cut Pro skills. In court, Judge Snyder is initially willing to release Homer, but Jeff Albertson delivers a speech in court, the best that Snyder has never heard. He will issue his verdict the next day.

Lisa finds a replacement for the # 1 edition of Radioactive Man online at a nearby Ogdenville comic book store. But in Jeff Albertson's shop he still holds a grudge against Homer. However, he notices the 1975 keychain to the first season of Welcome Back, Kotter, a "precious totem" for Homer, the only gift his father had given him. To make Homer feel like he felt with his beloved car and comic cartoons, Jeff Albertson breaks the key ring with Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, and then declares that he will withdraw the charges. He also declares that Homer is his best friend and that the two will go to Comic-Con.

In the epilogue, Bart is shown in the detention of the school under the supervision of Principal Skinner. Bart shows Skinner a joke sentence mitigation video with Milhouse exalting Bart's transformative help, and while the video plays, Bart escapes from the room.

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