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125 Days: Donald Trump Makes One Last Try to Patch Things Up with Comey is a special short that depicts the extra 25 days of Donald Trump's presidency after the first 100. This is the second special short in this series; the first being Donald Trump's First 100 Days in Office.


Once again, the short begins outside of the White House on a stormy, dark, and thunderous night. Inside the White House, it turns out that Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and Jared Kushner have attempted to commit suicide and are seen hung up on nooses. Meanwhile, upstairs, current Vice President of the United States Mike Pence is seen rubbing off the word "Vice" on his name tag on his desk while whistling.

In Trump's bedroom, Donald Trump is seen sitting in his bed, talking to James Comey, while the books "Two Scoops for Me", "How to Lose Friends and Piss Off Israel", and "I'm Still Fired" by Bill O'Reilly are seen beside him. After he has fired Comey, Trump says to Comey that he had thought that if Comey came back to the White House for one last meeting, they could straighten things out. But, Comey is too tall for Trump to look at and talk to, so he asks him to sit down. However, Comey tells Trump that he is already sitting, so Trump orders Comey to kneel down so that way he and Comey can be at eye-level, and Comey proceeds to do so.

Before Trump can continue talking to Comey, he tells Jeff Sessions that he wants to talk with Comey alone. Sessions, who was hiding underneath Trump's bedspread, comes out of the bedspread, gets out of the bed, and runs out of the room through a hole in the wall.

Trump tells Comey that he wants a do over because he has no tapes. He then tells Comey his deal: Comey will hand over all of his notes, and Trump will erase the tapes. However, Trump means that there are no tapes.

Suddenly, the lamp above them flickers, and the walls move in on them as a ghostly voice is heard. As he cringes in fear, Trump asks what that was and why were the walls moving in on him, so Comey tells Trump that they say that a ghost haunts Trump's bedroom sometimes. Excited, Trump guesses if the ghost is Abraham Lincoln, but it turns out that the ghost is Richard Nixon. He says to Trump that his guess was close, and Trump is surprised that Nixon was the ghost.

Nixon says to Trump that he came to thank him and that he's moving up. He then says that he is now the 44th best President of the United States thanks to Trump, but he has just one piece of advice form Trump: if he has tapes, burn them. However, Trump says that he has no tapes for the third time, and angrily slams his right fist onto the bed, which causes his hair to turn into the dog from before, but in its body is a cassette player, with a few tapes that are above the cassette deck with the deck's door opening. Nixon and Trump notice this, so Trump reverts his hair back to normal as the dog barks.

Eventually, Trump begs Comey to help him, and says that he has not touched his wife, Melania, for three months. He then asks Comey to give him a hug, which he does as he grabs Trump out of bed and hugs him. While they are hugging, Trump suggests that he and Comey should be pals, and asks him to give him some advice, but Comey refuses.

The voiceover says to Trump that he should start hanging out with people who are more honest than him, which Trump thinks that it is a great idea. Trump then asks Nixon to join the hug between him and Comey, which he agrees. Nixon says that this is his first hug, so he "hugs" Trump and Comey with two fingers from each of his hands instead of with his hands as a whole. This makes Trump shudder, and Nixon says that he likes it.

The scene proceeds to show the four-year calendar once again, where January 20th to May 26th are covered for 2017, and it zooms out to its usual place in the four-year calendar as the voiceover says, "Paid for by the committee to turn the clock ahead to 2020. Or back to whenever. Just not here."



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