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A few ground rules relating to the uploads of character images.

  • Do NOT under any circumstances upload any personal images. Ex: No photos of yourself or anyone that you know.
  • Because this is a Simpsons Wiki, do not upload any third-party images.
  • We try to provide as much official information as possible, so as of currently, no more fan-drawn images. This goes especially for grabpics. Why, because they are basic pics from screenshots that are recreated and traced into higher quality using programs such as Flash, Paint Shop Pro and Paint.NET. This site only uses official content, such as episode/film/video game screenshots, comic/book scans, sprites, promo images, and official character slates.
  • We are currently trying to organize all of the existing grabpics under "Category:Fan-drawn images" and have yet to decide how to handle them accordingly.
  • While a majority of the regular characters have official character slates as their main article images, minor/one-time characters do not. However, the character slates that are available for these characters are bunched together in both versions of the cast poster. If a character slate is unavailable for a character, use an episode screenshot of that character as a substitute.
  • If you happen to find an image on this wiki, do not reupload a resized version of it. This is how we get duplicates. And besides, that's what this tool is for: [[File:Gerald Samson (Official Image).png|125px]]

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