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20th Century Fox Television is an American television production company owned by Walt Disney Television, a division of The Walt Disney Company. 20th Century Fox Television was responsible for producing The Simpsons, along with Gracie Films and The Curiosity Company.

The logo can be seen on The Simpsons airings on Fox and international channels. Airings on FX or FXX use the 2013-present 20th Television logo instead. Several episodes from the first three seasons have the original 1989 20th Television Fox logo preserved on DVD and VHS. However, many of them are replaced by the 1992 20th Television logo with no "A News Corporation Company" byline. These were edited into the original negative, and thus the original logos are lost. 20th Century Fox Television became 20th Television between 1992 and 1995, then FOX split 20th Television into syndication.

On August 10, 2020, Disney announced that 20th Century Fox Television would be renamed 20th Television, and that the two companies would merge together.[1]


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