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20th Television is an American television production company serves as a division of Disney Television Studios, owned by Walt Disney Television, a unit of Disney Media Networks and a division of The Walt Disney Company. 20th Television was previously acted as the syndication and distribution arm of 20th Century Fox Television. 20th Television is responsible for syndicating The Simpsons to cable channels Freeform and FXX, local networks in the United States, and international distribution. 20th Television distributes most of 20th Century Fox Television's properties, as long as the shows were produced by them.

The logo can be seen on The Simpsons airings on FX and FXX. Airings on FX or FXX use the 2013-present 20th Television logo, replacing the original 1981-1993 20th Century Fox Television logos from the first three seasons and the 1995-2007 20th Century Fox Television logos from the fourth season onwards. The 1992 20th Television logo can be seen on many episodes of The Simpsons from the first three seasons on DVD, though some episodes preserve the original 1981-1993 20th Century Fox Television logo. As such, said logo is assumed to be lost.

On August 10, 2020, Disney announced that 20th Century Fox Television was merged with 20th Television as a new name for its television production company to avoid branding confusion of then-current formed, The Fox Corporation.[1] As for their old syndication and distribution arm was later absorbed into Disney Media Distribution.


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