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A Father's Watch
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Cultural References

  • The name and the plot of this episode are a reference to the ESPN documentary series 30 for 30.
  • Anger Watkins is based off of Stephen A. Smith, currently one of the hosts of ESPN's First Take. Stephen A. Smith is known for being provocative and has a history of making controversial remarks on the air; in 2014, he was suspended by ESPN for his comments regarding domestic violence following the incident where ex-NFL football player Ray Rice punched Janay Palmer, Rice's then-fianceé, in a casino elevator.
  • The scene where Homer is putting the towel in his mouth during the basketball game is a reference to former men's college basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, who chewed on moist towels during games to prevent his mouth from drying out.
  • The last scene with Mr. Burns accidently confessing a crime is a parody Robert Durst, who accidently confessed his crimes during an interview for the documentary The Jinx, having forgot he still had his mike turned on.



  • The crowd occasionally switches spots throughout the episode.


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