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Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"


  • An image of Itchy from Itchy & Scratchy can be seen during Cletus' story.
  • This episode reveals that Dr. Nick drives with corpses to get through carpool lanes. In The Fat and the Furriest, Homer disguised his candy ball as a passenger to drive through a carpool lane.
  • This episode, alongside "Simpsons Bible Stories", "Four Great Women and a Manicure" and "The Fight Before Christmas" are the only anthology episodes that contain more than three stories.
  • There are eleven scenarists mentioned in the last credits.
  • The Springfield Shopper already isn't free, but it costs 25 cents.
  • This episode was supposed to be the pilot episode for a spinoff series that focused on the lives of everyone in Springfield except the Simpsons. That would have been too much work and the idea was abandoned.
  • This is one of the episodes written by Matt Groening, along with Some Enchanted Evening, The Telltale Head, and Colonel Homer.
  • There was originally going to be a scene on a plane with Ralph Wiggum and Krusty.
  • When Lisa has the gum thrown on her hair you can see across the street the house president Bush bought earlier in the season, the house is gone in every other episode except for "Much Apu About Nothing".
  • Barney's bar tab at Moe's Tavern is at $14 billion, but after Barney paid $2,000, Moe said that it's "at least halfway." But this could mean Moe was not going to school when he was young, missing math lessons or beer killing Barney's brain cells (or he simply could've been to lazy to do the actual math right then and there).
  • In order to pay off his $14 billion bar tab, Barney would need to pay for ten beers a day, at $2 each, for roughly 1.95 million years.
  • In late 2017, Skinner's story, Skinner and the Superintendent, became an internet meme known as Steamed Hams, where people would make edits of the scene in a manner exactly like the Nutshack theme and LazyTown musical number, We Are Number One the previous year with the "but every time/but it's" titles. Such edits have led Bill Oakley, the segment's writer, to release the original draft of the script on Twitter. Although the segment was commonly discussed in Simpsons related places on the internet, it picked up as an edit meme around October-November of 2017. As of 2018, the meme is still popular on YouTube.


  • Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould: The episode's title is a play on that of the 1993 film.
  • Like Quentin Tarantino's film, Pulp Fiction, the episode's plot is episodic and interconnected. Additionally there are several more lengthy parodies. The ensemble of the Chief Wiggum, Snake and Herman plot is based on the "Gold Watch" segment of the film. Wiggum, Lou and Eddie's conversation about McDonald's parallels the famous "Royale With Cheese" discussion between Vince Vega and Jules Winnfield. Later, Snake runs down Wiggum like Butch Coolidge does to Marsellus Wallace. He then crashes into a wall, running down a fire hydrant and mailbox just like in the film. The two then fight and roll into Herman's shop, he ties them up, ballgags them and waits for Zed to arrive before being knocked out by a medieval weapon yielded by Milhouse. This again mirrors the film, with Herman in the role of Maynard.
  • 1999: Apu's line "I'm going to party like it was on sale for $19.99!" references Prince's song.
  • 'Slacker': This episode's parody of Richard Linklater's episodic independent drama comedy film. Smithers and Burns even referenced the title.
  • Freak-A-Zoid: Apu sings the song by Midnight Star.
  • E.R.: Dr. Nick's scenes parody the popular medical series.
  • Bazooka Joe: When people are giving suggestions to Lisa, Lionel Hutz suggests that Lisa keep the gum in as evidence, as Bazooka Joe has deep pockets.
  • Van Heflin: Jasper says he would like Van Heflin's nose.


  • Smithers suffers severe allergic reactions to the bee sting in this episode, yet in "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" he was stung by several bees but suffered no problems at all. Bee sting allergies are often triggered on the second instance of being stung, Smithers could have developed his life-threatening allergy after the previous episode.
  • Despite having returned to the house on a date with Agnes Skinner in "Bart the Fink", in this episode Chalmers apparently required directions to Skinner's house as if he had never been there before. This episode may take place prior to Bart the Fink. 
  • Chief Wiggum loses his hat in the fight with Snake, but in the next chapter of his story he is wearing it again.
  • Jasper supposedly got a nose job, but he is seen with his regular nose later on.
  • Snake and Chief Wiggum open the door of Herman's store inwards, but in the scene inside the store, it is open outwards.
  • After Nelson laughs at Lisa's bad hair, she walks away to where the tall man was driving, but she is then seen near the sewer where Nelson was hiding, which was on the opposite direction.
  • Mrs. Glick trips, falls and gets stuck into a trash can during the Nelson segment, but is later seen among the crowd that is laughing at Nelson.
  • When Chalmers says "Despite the fact they are obviously grilled", the bite mark on his burger disappears.
    • In addition, when Chalmers picks up a burger, 3 out of 4 of them disappear.

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