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24 Minutes
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  • The "House of Blues" cigarette pack that mentions Anaheim is a reference to the House of Blues once located in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, which was permanently closed in 2017, ten years after this episode premiered.
  • Despite being titled 24 Minutes, the actual episode is about 21 minutes without commercials. Airing with only three minutes of commercial would bring it up to 24, and this would not have to matter with it not having a 30 minute length, as the next episode is intended to air after this episode.
    • However, the commentator says that the episode takes place between 2:34 and 3:04, 30 minutes.
  • Ingredients of the stink bomb: roadkill, burnt hair, the retainer case of Jimbo's sister, six weeks of bottled farts, possum placenta, sweat from a walk-around Goofy suit, and TCBY (That Container of Botulized Yogurt).
  • When Milhouse is listed as eliminated on the board, there are other names: Sherri, Terri and Wendell all with X's through their names on a list of field agents (Living).
  • The upside-down newspaper Milhouse is holding is the Springfield Shopper. The headlines read "Mayor's Breath Still Problem", "Corn Less Popular" and "Bake Sale Today".
  • Among the professional staff at Springfield Elementary is a secretary named Mrs. Lord.
  • Martin's Ant Farm brand is from Uncle Milton. In "Bart on the Road", Bart calls him "Milton" by mistake.
  • The name of Jimbo's mother is Carol.
  • This episode won the 2008 Annie Award for Best Writing in an Animated Television Production.
  • Bart's profile is a reference to The Simpsons Movie, where he drinks whiskey. The movie actually comes out after the next episode "You Kent Always Say What You Want".
    • To a lesser extent, it also references "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment", where Bart accidentally got drunk as a result of a spray of beer going down his funnel during the Saint Patrick's Day parade.
  • The opening name credits during the episode extend the longest of any episode before or after, appearing throughout the entirety of the first act (the first eight minutes of the episode).
  • When he accidentally calls Bart, Jack Bauer introduces himself by saying "I'm Jack Bauer, who the hell are you?", a nod to one of Bart's old catchphrases.
  • Kearney’s last name was revealed to be Zzyzwicz in this episode.

Cultural References

  • The entire episode is a parody of the show 24. It may also be a reference to the 2003 made-for-TV film 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out, whose crime-themed plot progresses along with the story. 24 uses the same episode structure and style.
    • Jack Bauer, the main character of 24, makes a cameo in the episode.


  • Marge explaining about someone having 'tummy' trouble from eating Bart's shorts is a inside joke about Bart's common phase "Eat My Shorts!".
  • Bart being able to drive without being pulled over is because he got a driver's license in "Little Big Girl".

Notes on Known Profiles


  • If a bake sale provides 90% of Springfield Elementary's annual funding, there's no way they could possibly afford an underground lab equipped with computers, printers and access to every security camera in Springfield.
  • According to the stat sheet on Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney, Jimbo was last seen at Duff Gardens, indicating that they had already known that he wasn't in school. It's also illegal for a school to track its students while off-campus.
  • Somehow, the lettering on Martin's sash can be read properly in the mirror's reflection.
  • Miss Hoover was unconscious most likely with Santa's Little Helper in the ventilation shaft. However, she appeared in the Bake Sale. The same thing happens to Üter - he is tangled in the spider's web in the ventilation pipe, but is seen in the Bake Sale.
  • Apparently, Sherri, Terri, and Wendell all died while protecting Springfield Elementary from bullies, but all three of them are seen at the bake sale.

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