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The 33 cents store is a store that sells everything for 33 cents, including Cool Ranch Soda, plankton from Mexico (that causes Red Tide poisoning), Skittlebrau, "That 70's Show" mugs, krill, onions and Marge's green dress (a blue version of the dress is also present). The building appears to have part of the roof missing as merchandise being delivered is shown simply being dumped into the store through the top of it.

After Snake steals the Simpsons' savings account funds at the Java Server, the Simpsons attend a seminar on how to save money. In order to save up for their family vacation, they shop at this store, although Homer ended up getting Red Tide poisoning after foolishly ingesting a Mexican plankton can that had expired over two years ago.


  • The sign on top of the 33 cents store is shaped like Kansas.