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Looks like my years of hard work have finally paid off.
―Bart, upon seeing his factory[src]

35 Industry Way is the address of an abandoned factory Bart won for one dollar at a government tax-seizures auction.


It's filthy…and it's mine!

During a visit to the Springfield Town Hall with Marge, Bart came across the tax seizures auctions office. Before even knowing what was being auctioned, Bart bid one dollar, finding he had won an abandoned factory. The factory's previous tasks involved adding machines, several of which remained. Also left behind was a coffee vending machine—now infested with rats—and vats of industrial sludge.

Bart hired Milhouse to be his secondhand man, but all the two mainly did was play around. When Bart gave Milhouse the task of night watchman, he returned the next day only to find that the factory had completely collapsed over the night. When he asked Milhouse what had happened, Milhouse explained: "I was watching. I saw the whole thing: First it started falling over, then it fell over."

All the rats that had lived in the factory ran across the street to Moe's, who directed his patrons to "tuck your pants into your socks." Presumably these rats stayed with Moe, as they were later seen before his patrons arrived on the day he enacted a designated driving policy.

Behind The Laughter

  • 35 Industry Way is item number 751 at the auction.