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Homer Is Where the Art Isn't
3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage
Fears of a Clown

3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage is the thirteenth episode of Season 29.


While visiting their old apartment in Capital City, Homer and Marge recount the story of their transition from loving their lifetime without kids to being miserable parents.

Full Story[]

Following a superhero movie, and at Bart and Lisa's persistent urging to stay for the mid and post-credit scenes, the Simpson family heads home from Capital City. During the drive, Homer and Marge begin to recount their life in the city before marriage. Spotting their former apartment, they seize the opportunity to show the children their old home. Upon meeting the new owners of the accommodation, Marge receives their mail and learns that pacifiers pose a choking hazard. Following the removal of her pacifier, Maggie begins to pull outlet pads from the wall as a replacement. When she ends up grabbing a rat, Marge decides to return the perfume dispenser to her.

Marge and Homer carried on with their tale to the couple, detailing Marge's career as a photographer and Homer's job at the burgeoning company Flashmouth. They attended parties, enjoyed movies, and shared kisses under the starry sky atop their car, until Bart's arrival. Their careers suffered a setback when parenthood became incompatible with their job demands. Ross told Homer that he's not allowed to bring young Bart to work. Marge was under pressure from JJ Gruff, who threatened to replace her with Booberella unless she produced a fresh nightlife story.

In the gallery, while attempting to write an article, Marge interviews John Baldessari. However, Homer arrives to hand over a sleeping Bart to Marge's care, which leads to Bart waking up and starting to play pranks and destroys it as Marge take a photo. When Marge showed JJ Gruff the photos of the encounter, she was terminated her job because the journal's art advertisers withdrew due to Bart's pranks. While Marge was working, she dropped off Bart at Springfield Gymdandee, but he caused trouble there and as a result got him banned from Springfield Gymdandee. They visit the church to consult Reverend Lovejoy about a problem and consider having a second child. At the hospital, Lisa was born.

During the story, his wife left the apartment, but the family forces smile to her and made her decision to be grateful to have brought her back. Following the story, the family heads back to Springfield as Lisa requests more tales from their past. Homer and Marge visit The Doughy Dozen Bagels for a quiet meal together, but their solitude is interrupted by the children's commotion in the car, despite Grampa's supervision.


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