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Homer Is Where the Art Isn't
3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage
Fears of a Clown
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Cultural References


  • This is the second time the series has referenced the tag, which has been a part of the show since "Lisa the Drama Queen". The first time was in "Moho House".
  • The dance move Robert Terwilliger did during the flashback was the same one he did in the Homer Shake Couch Gag.


  • Although one character from the past does exist, this episode should be considered non-canon. These are the contradictions from around Bart's (and later Lisa's) births:
    • In "I Married Marge", Homer and Marge were living in Marge's mother's house, not the apartment, when they got married.
    • Homer's job at the time of Marge getting pregnant with Bart was at the miniature golf course (which shifted to several other jobs before the Springfield Nuclear Plant).
    • The episode depicts Bart and Lisa both living in Homer's apartment, but in "Lisa's First Word", the Simpsons had already moved into their new house by the time Lisa was born.
    • Marge claimed that Bart became "the calmest boy in the world" when Lisa was born. However, in the episode mentioned above, Bart hated Lisa, and often pranked her, such as mailing her, shoving her through Flanders' doggy door, and cutting her hair.
    • Several episodes (most recently, "Adventures in Baby-Getting") imply that Lisa was an accident, where here she was planned.
    • "Moaning Lisa" implies that Bleeding Gums Murphy had no friends prior to Lisa; here he is seen with a crowd of people prior to Lisa's birth.

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