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3 a.m. is a short released on the Youtube channel Animation on FOX about the 2016 presidential election.


Homer and Marge are kissing on their bed, but Marge says that she can't make love until she decides who to vote for at the election. Homer agrees and turns on the TV. An advert comes on in which the voice-over states that it is 3 a.m. and the phone is ringing in the White House, and says that the viewer's vote will decide who answers the call, parodying an advert run by Hillary Clinton during her 2008 presidential bid.

The advert then shows the nominees of the major parties. Bill Clinton answers the first call, saying that he'll be at the Situation Room, but he soon realizes that the call is for Hillary, and she says that for now on, the calls are always for her.

Donald Trump ignores the call at first because he's using Twitter. He answers the second time, and also says that he'll be there. His assistants step in (including what seems to be Julio), but it takes him almost 10 hours to get ready. He receives another call, saying that it's too late.

At home, Homer and Marge both agree that they know who to vote for. Homer says that he'll vote for Trump, leading Marge to question whether she can ever be intimate with Homer again. The short ends with Homer replying "And that's how I became a Democrat."



  • One of the contacts at Donald Trump's cellphone is "Michelle Obama's speechwritter", a reference to Melania Trump's speech having lots of similarities with Michelle Obama's speech. Vladimir Putin is also on his contacts list.
  • The short is a parody of an advert run by Hillary Clinton during her 2008 presidential bid.