The 5th grade girl is an elementary school girl who dances with Bart.


She first appears when she asks Bart if he wants to dance with her, after not being sure in the first place, Bart ends up dancing with the girl. She later attends the ceremony for the Best Dancer Award which was won by Bart and he gives his trophy to her when she says that she will be meet him outside. The girl later appears by the steps outside of Springfield Elementary School  where Bart's trophy ends up getting broken by Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo. After the bullies damage the trophy, Bart sees the girl again where she reassures him that the broken trophy isn't his fault, but it is the end of them forever, before walking away from him.


The 5th grade girl has shoulder length brown hair tied back into 2 pigtails. She wears a red short sleeved shirt, denim jeans, white socks and black Mary-Jane shoes, she also wears a gold bracelet and silver hoop earrings.



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