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732 Evergreen Terrace is the address of the house where the Wiggum family live. Chief Wiggum has a cupboard in the house full of police equipment and files on various Springfield residence, which Ralph has expressly been forbidden from entering, or allowing other children to enter.[1] Bart and Lisa have been caroling there,[2] and Bart has gone over there to play with Ralph[1]. It is next door to the Hibbert's house[2].

The House's design is inconsistent in the series. Some episodes such as Sweets and Sour Marge, have shown a small one-story house with the garage on the left. While other episodes, such as This Little Wiggy, have shown a larger, two-story house the garage on the right.

Non-Canon Appearances

In The Simpsons Road Rage, the house is not located on the same street as the Simpsons residence, and appears more of an apartment, located on the opposite side of the school. In The Simpsons Hit and Run, the back-garden is accessible, and is often home to collectibles.