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740 Evergreen Terrace or the Brown House is a house in Evergreen Terrace that was inhabited by Mr. and Mrs. Winfield and later Ruth and Laura Powers. It is one door right from the Simpsons and two doors down from the Flanders. Sideshow Bob, disguised as Walt Warren, moved into the house until he was arrested again. The real Walt Warren then moved out of 740 Evergreen Terrace and the house was then occupied by a cousin of Ned Flanders, Ted Flanders and his two daughters Bonnie Flanders and Connie Flanders. It's later inhabited by Terrence, Emily and their children, T-Rex and Corduroy; it is transformed into the "Cool Brown House" while they are living there. They moved out when they found out it wasn't cool to live in Springfield anymore. The house has a large swimming pool.

Tapped Out



  • In The Simpsons: Tapped Out video game it mentions something about him relaxing there. This could mean that Apu and his family live in the brown house.
  • According to The Simpsons: Tapped Out video game the brown house has a dark green roof making it the color of a tree.