754 Evergreen Terrace is the home of Professor John Frink. The house appears to be located in the Pressboard Estates district of Springfield.


The house is a blue detached home with a flying gorilla attached garage. The house has solar pannels and a basement that is used as a lab for Professor Frink's experiments.

Non-Canon Appearances

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The Simpsons Road Rage

Professor Frink's house (more resembling an apartment with a large satellite dish on top) is a location in Downtown, located opposite the police station. In addition to Frink, Edna Krabappel may also request to be taken there.

The Simpsons Game

Bart and Lisa have to go to Professor Frink's house to ask Professor Frink for help, but they get no answer at the front door. So, they break into the basement and go through a rift portal to find Professor Frink in the Game Engine.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Frink lives in a lab, not a house. However, Frink's lab isn't seen in the show often, but nor has his house. This could possibly be his house, however, since his lab is in a basement.



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