The AT-5000 Auto-dialer was an invention by Professor Frink and was also Frink's first patent.


Its original purpose was to inform children of snow days. However, it fell into the hands of Jimmy the Scumbag, who used it for telemarketing. Once he was arrested for it, Homer took it out of the dumpster and used it in a money scam.

He eventually used it to annoy everybody in Springfield with his "Happy Dude" scam. Eventually, Homer was stopped by Chief Wiggum.

Instead of confiscating the auto-dialer and taking Homer into custody, he shoots it, then gives Homer a citation and asks him to bring the auto-dialer with him (although it's full of lead) to his court hearing, otherwise there would be no case and Homer would be let off the hook.

During the end credits, however, Homer has recorded a new message on the auto-dialer telling everyone he scammed that he is sorry and that if they can forgive him, send more money. 


  • One of the Auto-dialer's features was the ability to roll on wheels. Frink used this to make the Auto-dialer come to him, but it was stopped by Homer who removed the wheels.
  • The Auto-dialer could also be controlled by a remote.


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