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Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you may remember me, from such dates, as last night's dinner.
Troy McClure to Selma Bouvier

"A Fish Called Selma" is the nineteenth episode of Season 7.


Troy McClure's sagging film career is given a boost when he is seen in public with a woman. To stay in the public eye, Troy must do more than merely date this woman, who happens to be Selma.

Full Story

The Simpsons are watching a Muppet film on TV and Bart says one of the Muppets is leather but is actually Troy McClure. Marge points out he was a real heartthrob in the 70’s and Homer points out until the rumors about him and an aquarium scandal. Meanwhile the washed-up actor gets pulled over for erratic driving, due to the fact he’s driving without his corrective lenses. When Troy goes to the DMV to get his license changed so that he won’t be required to wear glasses anymore, he offers to take Selma Bouvier to dinner if she will let him pass the eye test.

After dinner at the Pimento Grove, photographers notice Troy leaving with a human woman (rumors about a romantic abnormality initially destroyed Troy's career). The next day, Troy's agent calls and says that he can get work again if he continues seeing human women. Troy continues dating Selma to help his career. On his agent's advice, Troy asks Selma to marry him. Troy gets a part in 'Planet of the Apes' the musical.


The night before the wedding, a drunk Troy tells a drunk Homer the reason for his marriage and Homer goes wide-eyed. At the wedding, when Reverend Lovejoy asks anyone who opposes the marriage to speak up, Homer makes gibberish noises in his head to distract himself from saying the truth. After the wedding, Homer tells Marge offhand that Troy doesn't really love Selma and is just trying to aid his own career. Marge and Patty try to explain Selma, who accuses them of coming down with "the green-eyed gazungas." She confronts Troy who eagerly admits that their marriage is a sham to help his career. Troy explains to Selma that even though their marriage is a sham, she has benefited and Selma initially accepts the situation. Troy's agent thinks he can get Troy the part of McBain's sidekick in the next McBain movie, McBain IV: Fatal Discharge, if he sires children.

Troy and Selma prepare to conceive a child, but Troy is uncomfortable sleeping with women because of his "bizarre fish fetish"; rumors of his unconventional sexuality once squelched his career and prevented his comeback. Selma decides that bringing a child into a loveless marriage is wrong and leaves Troy. A tabloid TV show confirms that Troy has turned down the role of McBain's sidekick to direct and star in his own film, The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel, produced by 20th Century Fox., but most parts go to actors with families.

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