A Hard Place is a location that only appeared in The Simpsons Movie. Not much is known about this place other than the fact that it is a wooden building that feels hard.


Not much is known about what has happened with A Hard Place, besides the one moment when Homer collided with A Hard Place while being tossed around by a wrecking ball.

When Homer was using a wrecking ball to attempt to knock a truck containing the rest of the Simpsons family, Homer was knocked by the wrecking ball, tossed over to a rock and A Hard Place repetitively.


  • It looks like it could be either a restaurant or a business.
  • The name is a reference to the phrase "between a rock and a hard place," which means someone is in a situation where one is faced with two equally difficult alternatives. After Homer got carried by the wrecking ball and hit two other places, he was swung between a rock and a hard place, making another reference to the phrase.


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