Homer the Moe
A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love
The Blunder Years

Cultural references




Smithers' glasses with bold rims

  • When Homer was opening his fortune cookie, the candle doesn't have it wick like in the previous scenes.
    • Although the candle wick appears when Homer was complaining about the paper but it appears off.

The sweater without the badge

  • When the restaurant manager hire Homer, the gong and it stick are gone from his hands.
  • When the camera zooms out after Mr. Burns read the paper, the broken cookie disappears from the table.
  • Before Mr. Burns enters the strip club, Smithers' glasses have bold lines for five seconds.

Jacques' name misspelled as "Jacque"

  • Mr. Burns and Smithers are passing beside Moe' Tavern. But when Mr. Burns saw Gloria put him an infraction, they are in a corner.
  • At the bowling alley, a paper is seen with the name "Jacque" on it. Presumably it is supposed to say "Jacques".
  • Gloria' eyebrows disappears when she lie on Mr. Burns shoulder.
  • At a few points during the fire scene, the badge on Mr. Burns' blue sweater is missing.
  • When Homer lifts the syringe, the liquid on it disappears.
  • If you see when Snake was walking in the parking lot he pass the same cars three times.

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