A Kiss Before Frying is an old black-and-white movie that Marge watched on TV.


The main character, Johnny Stabbo, has been sentenced to death in the electric chair. However, he isn't afraid of death, because his mother will visit him. Unfortunately, the execution date arrives and his mother still doesn't show up. A priest comes to minister to Johnny and tells him that his mother won't come, but Johnny doesn't listen and still repeats that she will come. However, while coming to the execution chamber, Johnny sees that his mother isn't in the gallery of witnesses. At the end of the movie, Johnny calls for his mother as the guards throw the switch to electrocute him.


Before watching the movie, Marge was in a bank robbery but made Dwight Diddlehopper give up by a promise she will visit him in the prison. However, she doesn't have the courage to do it. While watching the film, she felt guilty for Dwight.

Behind the Laughter

  • The movie's title is a pun on A Kiss Before Dying.
  • Johnny's prison number, JABF19, is the same as the episode's production code.


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