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A Made Maggie is the tenth episode of Season 33.


Fat Tony becomes Godfather to Maggie Simpson.

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The episode opens with the Simpsons, except Maggie Simpson, at a ripoff Harry Potter park called "The Overpriced World of Angelica Button Park" while at home, Grampa Abe Simpson is babysitting Maggie. When the Simpsons come home after Homer Simpson causes a huge fight after being submitted by the Categorize Cap to Grizzledum, who are rivals to Pufflesnuff, they find that Maggie is gone, but Ned Flanders managed to find her and return her. Then Ned explained about how Maggie has never been baptised, and he declined the offer to become Maggie's godfather since he's raised enough kids. Feeling bad, Marge Simpson asks Homer to go out and find Maggie a godfather to help take care of her. Homer then goes over to Moe's Tavern to ask Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Moe Syzslak, and Barney Gumble, but immediately checks them off, seeing them as unfit. After going to the police station, he, too, counts Chief Wiggum out as unfit due to how he raises Ralph Wiggum. Then he finds Fit-Fat Tony after the latter saves him and Maggie from a falling piano accidentally dropped by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy by pushing the two out of the way by pushing a Virgin Mary statue in the piano's fall path instead, and in gratitude, Homer hires Fit-Fat Tony to be Maggie's godfather upon also learning that Fit-Fat Tony is also religious. When Marge finds out about this, she is concerned about it due to Fit-Fat Tony being the leader of the Springfield Mafia Crime Syndicate. She then says that the Simpsons would be better off with Mr. Burns being Maggie's godfather, but Fit-Fat Tony, upon arrival at their house, surprises the Simpsons with a new car that's safer to drive in for Maggie's sake in the form of a new Lexus SUV complete with a Ferrari Protectarossa seat to replace the obsolete one the Simpsons have. They accept the gifts after playing around in the car for a bit, especially with Fit-Fat Tony offering more stuff for Maggie in the future. The next day at the First Church of Springfield, Maggie is baptised with Selma Bouvier also becoming her godmother, despite that she divorced Fit-Fat Tony before.

At Luigi's, the act of Fit-Fat Tony towards Maggie teaching her about religion convinces Marge even more on it. Legs and Louie then become babysitters for her, while Maggie starts to act like a boss herself. As Fit-Fat Tony becomes more attached to Maggie and her family, Johnny Tightlips starts to see this change and, due to becoming jealous of Maggie, starts thinking of something to do about it with Don Castellaneta and the other mafia members. Fit-Fat Tony also admits Maggie into the Preschool for the Performing Arts, but when Fit-Fat Tony forces the Simpsons to go to Sunday church, which was part of their deal, Homer and Marge start thinking of backing out of Fit-Fat Tony being Maggie's godfather. Homer, however, couldn't find the courage to talk Fit-Fat Tony out of it, and Fit-Fat Tony invites the Simpsons to a showing of "Itchy and Scratchy's Christmas on Ice," in hopes to prove to the Simpsons that he can stay in Maggie's life.

At the Springfield Mall, Fit-Fat Tony opens a new store called the Bambino Depot, and Johnny, having seen enough, plans on acting on it and talks Legs and Louie into it. At the Preschool for the Performing Arts, Marge starts seeing how Maggie is starting to act towards the other babies and imagines Maggie, as a grown femme fatale, starting a fire in a changing room with a guy inside tied to a chair, and asks Fit-Fat Tony to stay away from her infant child, but Fit-Fat Tony, again, proposes to Homer to give him one more day and a chance to prove he's out of the mafia business with the "Itchy and Scratchy's Christmas on Ice" showing, especially when he helps change Maggie's diaper and asks Legs and Louie to dispose of it, which they do by burying and shooting at it like they were disposing a body. At the Springfield Sports Arena, the "Itchy and Scratchy's Christmas on Ice" showing is being prepared, and the mafia members are suspiciously hiding guns everywhere for some reason. Despite Homer and Marge hoping to have witnesses in the arena so they can convince Fit-Fat Tony to stop being Maggie's godfather during the show, Fit-Fat Tony, however, reveals that he bought the whole arena for Maggie, under the mafia's surprise request, which means no witnesses, so Marge, in desperation, proposes to Fit-Fat Tony in becoming his "Mama" instead of him being the godfather, but he refuses, insisting on going through with this. However, the actor performing as Itchy then reveals himself to be Johnny, attempting to betray Fit-Fat Tony by murdering him out of revenge for spending more time with Maggie and her family than with the mafia, hence revealing that the mafia requesting Fit-Fat Tony to buy the whole arena for Maggie, and hiding their guns, was all a trap and a murder plan. But Legs and Louie, loyal to Fit-Fat Tony, quickly restrains Johnny, stopping this. Fit-Fat Tony, angered at Johnny's attempted betrayal and murder, punches Johnny in his face with his gun in his hand, but upon seeing Maggie's horrified reaction to him getting back to the mafia business, he becomes guilty and then, after punching Johnny a little more in his head, agrees with the Simpsons to step down as Maggie's godfather, after reaccepting the car and its keys and carseat he gave the Simpsons and changing Maggie's diaper one last time, with Legs and Louie burying the diaper again afterwards.


If you look really closely at the book that Fit-Fat Tony shows Maggie while at Luigi’s, the second page says “The Many Saints of Springfield,“ similar to “The Many Saints of Newark.”

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