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Donut Homer.jpg This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

A Serious Flanders (Part One) is the sixth episode of Season 33, originally produced for Season 32.[1]

This is the fourth two-parter in Simpsons history. The others being, in order of airdate, Who Shot Mr. Burns?, The Great Phatsby, and Warrin Priests. It is the first of them to be considered non-canon.


When a ruthless debt collector comes to Springfield, Homer and Ned's lives are sucked into the artfully violent world of prestige TV.

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Cold Opening

At The Rich Texan's house, he's escaping from three debts collectors, their leader, Kostas Becker, Seamus, and Collette, but is caught in the end and tied in ropes and shot.

Chapter One: The Harder the Good

Ned Flanders is litter gathering in the snow and finds Homer Simpson doing community services because of telling the judge where to shove his parking tickets. Upon stumbling down a slope they find themselves stuck in a log with a bag full of money.

Bringing the bag home, Rod and Todd Flanders fight over what to do with the money, while Ned reminisces of what his grandfather, Sheriff Flanders, would do with them. In the past Ned identifies a thief and instead of arresting him, he gave him money to buy the bread, to teach him and Ned a lesson.

At St. Giles Orphanage, Ned donates the money to them, telling them to honor his grandfather as the donator, however the press spins it so he's the donor. When Kostas finds out where Ned got the money while chopping up The Rich Texan's body, he finds himself staying at Springfield to honor a debt.

Chapter Two: The Hippo's Conundrum

At The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop, Seamus and Collette pries the information on how to find Ned, threatening Comic Book Guy, and after learning of his usual location, Comic Book Guy calls Fit-Fat Tony, asking him why he wasn't protected like he pays for, and Fit-Fat Tony tells him he'll deal with him.

At the First Church of Springfield, the Simpsons praise Ned for his actions, before going back inside to get his Bible back, finding Kostas holding it, telling him he now has the debt on his name since he got the bag.

Barbara Belfry arrives with the orphans, saving Ned from Kostas, but only temporarily, and invites him to a date at the Springfield Winter Markets opening, while Kostas finds Ned's home address from the Bible page he ripped.

At the Markets, Ned and Barbara are dating, but Homer interrupts them saying he bought their love, but all the people boos him, and he get thrown into the Drunk Rink. At home, Marge Simpson gets angry at Homer for being selfish over wanting the money for himself, while Kostas' car is heading toward Flanders house. However, Seamus loses the paper.

Arriving at 742 Evergreen Terrace, they find Ned's stuff in the garden, thinking it was his house. They then paralyze Homer after distracting him with The Rich Texan's face, thinking he was Ned.

Chapter Three: A Donut for the Devil

Barbara invites Ned in the house and they start kissing. However, Ned finds out she's Sideshow Mel's wife, even though they've an arrangement on freedom of "Fun,” making Ned regret it and running away, to Mel's enjoyment.

At Kostas' place, Homer is tied up, but Kostas finds out he's the wrong man, calling Ned and threatening him he has 24 hours to give him the money or Homer would die. Marge shows up at his door, and he lies to her about his whereabouts to avoid her calling the cops, risking Homer's life otherwise.

Marge goes around searching for Homer, while at Krusty Burger, Fit-Fat Tony and Kostas meet, with Fit-Fat Tony threatening him to get out of town, or else. A gun fight starts, and Disco Stu, Mr. Burns, Fit-Fat Tony, Legs, Louie, and Johnny Tightlips get killed. Snake Jailbird enters the store to rob it, finding out what happened, while Marge finds Homer's ID card that Kostas dropped.


Originally, Kostas Becker was going to say "You've brought me the wrong man! (DARK) And you know the price for failure", snatching Seamus' hat, tried to tear it with his hands and mouth, before stomping on it sputtering "stupid...STUPID HAT!", but the scene was cut for time.


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