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A Serious Flanders: Part One
A Serious Flanders: Part Two
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Donut Homer.jpg This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

A Serious Flanders (Part Two) is the seventh episode of Season 33, originally produced for Season 32.[1]

This is the fourth two-parter in Simpsons history. The others being, in order of airdate, Who Shot Mr. Burns?, The Great Phatsby, and Warrin Priests. It is the first of them to be considered non-canon.


Uff-da! Things for Ned and Homer go from bad to gosh-darn worse in the stunning conclusion of this SIMPFLIX prestige crime thriller.

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Chapter IV: Tree Money, Where Art Thou?

Marge is at the police station, to report Homer's kidnapper to Police Chief Wiggum. Meanwhile, Flanders has to find a way to get the money back to repay the debt and get Homer back. While thinking, he has a flashback to his grandfather's greatness. During the flashback, Ned is at the barbershop with Sheriff Flanders, when the Szyslak brothers mafia shows, appearing to want to fight him. After the Ned and the barber leave, it is revealed that Sheriff Flanders is receiving bribes from the mafia. He punches one of the brothers out the window, to make it seem like they are fighting, leaving Ned to believe his grandfather is a great man.

Chapter V: Uff-Da!

Seamus and Colette are in the Rich Texan's house, with a kidnapped Homer. They are fighting about their marriage, later provoked by Homer. While they are fighting, they accidentally set the house on fire. Just as Homer is about to die in the fire, Marge arrives and pulls him out of the flames. Meanwhile, Ned breaks into the orphanage to steal the money back. Just as he is about to get it, Barb catches him. Ned acts as if he missed her, and that is why he came back. Once Barb realizes why he is there, Ned is already gone with the money. She throws an American flag through his windshield, obstructing his vision. Ned crashes his car into Marge and Homer's. Homer has a choice to save Ned or the money, and he chooses the money, burning his arm and causing Marge dismay. Homer becomes known as a hero, while Ned becomes known as a selfish man who was just trying to steal the money. Ned escapes the scene, but Kostas tells him to expect it when he least expects it.

Chapter VI: From Red to Black

Three years later, Homer is considered the hero of Springfield, and owns a car dealership. Marge and Homer are in a happy marriage, but in private, they are very unhappy, and Marge thinks Homer is the most selfish man in the world. The Flanders' have left town, and their house is shown to be very vandalized. One day, Homer goes way out into the forest, using many disguises to get there. It is revealed he is going to the Flanders' cabin, where he has been bringing them food and supplies all along. Ned is very paranoid about Kostas finding him and killing him. Ned asks if he was followed, and just then, there is a banging on the door. It is revealed to be a very angry Marge, who is mad at Homer for leaving. She sees what he has been doing all this time, and forgives him for his selfishness. Just then, Kostas breaks down the door, but the gang escapes with an underground tunnel. Kostas chases Ned onto a frozen pond, and they have a climactic fight. In the end, Kostas falls under the ice and drowns, and then everything goes back to normal.


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