To Cur, with Love
A Test Before Trying
Changing of the Guardian
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Mrs. Krabappel: Well, class, I don't mind leaving you because one of you is my spy.
Milhouse: You said you weren't gonna tell!
(The class glares at Milhouse.)
Milhouse: Oh, wait, you didn't. So no one knows who the Milhouse is!

Principal Skinner: Children, Groundskeeper Willie will direct you to your new school district. Any correlation to your talents, needs, or friends is completely coincidental.
Groundskeeper Willie: Sherry, ye're goin' to West Odgenville; Terri, North Haverbrook.
Sherri: But... we've never been separated!
Terri: I'm not even sure we can even live apart!
(While the twins go their separate ways, they age rapidly.)
Groundskeeper Willie: Stop yer whingin'! It's not like ye're losin' a rake or a back hoe. Nelson, ye're off to Arkham Elementary School for the Criminally Insane.
(A silver bus with the head sign saying "ARKHAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE" shows the Joker as the driver. Seconds later, it blows up. Bart whistles innocently as he passes by.)

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