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Abbey (possibly Abigail or Abbey Simpson) is the daughter of Edwina, a woman with whom Abraham Simpson briefly had a relationship while he was stationed in England during World War II.

It is insinuated that Abbey is the result of that relationship, which would make her Abe's daughter and Homer's half-sister. She very much looks and acts similar to Homer.[1]


Abbey was the result of a brief relationship between Edwina and Abe during the Second World War.

Abe was in England before D-Day and had one night of passion with Edwina before he had to leave England. Unknown to Abe, Edwina became pregnant and the result was Abbey. Abe and the rest of the Simpson family first met Abbey when she was 58 years old.

They had been visiting England and were on their way to catch their plane back to America, and Edwina and Abbey approached them in the airport.

When Abe realized that Abbey was his daughter due the resemblance between Abbey and Homer, he ran off to the plane screaming, after saying "See you in Heaven."


While Abbey is obviously a biological Simpson (aside from her appearance and personality, she was born less than a year after Grampa's affair with her mother) she is not officially recognized by the family and never explicitly called a Simpson.

It is possible that even though she is female, Abbey may have somehow inherited the Simpson Gene defect that most of the Simpson males have, or at the very least inherited some of their mannerisms such as love of food.

As Dr. Simpson pointed out, all the Simpson women have high intellects and good careers, because the defective gene is on the Y chromosome.

This could be an instance of the gene skipping a generation or striking some and missing others, as her half-brother Herbert Powell also supposedly inherited the Simpson Gene, but it has not significantly affected him. Ultimately, whether or not she truly did inherit the gene or simply has some inherent traits such as obesity and love of food remains unknown as she is never seen again.

Behind the Laughter

Abbey was voiced by Dan Castellaneta. She looks like a female version of Homer and they share similar mannerisms and personalities, such as obesity and drooling.



Notes & Trivia

  • Abbey appears as dimwitted as Homer.
  • Abbey is majorly affected by Simpsons gene, though usually it affects only the men from the Simpson family.
  • Abbey could possibly be the woman Bart mistook for Homer in "Brother from the Same Planet".
  • She was added to The Simpsons: Tapped Out for the Simpson Christmas event 2019.