Abe's and Selma's House is a house where Abe and Selma Simpsons and their adopted daughter Ling lived.


When Abe and Selma got married, they moved to a new house. While Selma was at her stressful work, Abe stayed at home and took care of Ling, telling her "edited" stories from WWII. However, he screwed up their kitchen with his ignorance of how things work by putting pancake batter into a CD player, a blender cup on the stove and a tape into the microwave. This caused the microwave to explode, the stove to catch on fire, and the radio to leave a burnt smell around the house. This made Selma realized that maybe love wasn't everything they need after all. She danced with him on last time in their kitchen and then probably divorced and moved back to their previous homes.


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