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Abominable Snow Burns is Mr. Burns' second cousin's nephew's son who lives in the North Pole, and is also the second boss in The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World.


After Bart Simpson wins Krusty's art contest in The Krusty the Clown Show, he won a world wide Krusty the Clown treasure hunt for not only Bart, but also the rest of his family. However, after the contest was revealed to be ran by Mr. Burns and Smithers, their ploy to have Bart's drawing win was to have the Simpson family go to dangerous parts around the world, and Mr. Burns tells some of his relatives to get rid of them and help with his plan.

One of Burns' relatives that helped Mr. Burns was Abominable Snow Burns, who is not only Mr. Burns' second cousin's nephew's son, but also the second boss of the game.

When Bart finishes the second level in the North Pole, he encounters Abominable Snow Burns, and the way he needs to defeat him is to jump on top of his head when he pops up from one of the three holes. Bart also needs to avoid icicles and ice balls that Abominable Snow Burns throws. Mr. Burns in rage at the failure demanded that Smithers, in addition to contacting his favorite maternal great uncle Ramses Burns to deal with the Simpsons in Egypt, remove the Abominable Snow Burns from his Christmas Card list as the latter's punishment for the failure.