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Mrs. Simpson, you have been oppressed enough today. I will clear the dishes.
―Adil to Marge[src]

Adil Hoxha was a foreign exchange student from Albania. He stayed with the Simpson family while Bart was in France, and was discovered to be a Communist spy. He is a main character in the Season One episode The Crepes of Wrath, where he makes his first (and to date only) significant appearance in the series.


Under the foreign exchange student program, Adil was sent to live with the Simpsons for three months while Bart was sent to France. Adil got along well with everyone in the family, especially Homer, and was kind and polite to everyone. Homer, touched that Adil was so interested in his work (completely unlike his own kids), took a shine to him and showed him all over Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Adil, for his part, took plenty of pictures and asked Homer lots of technical questions about the plant. Homer told Adil everything he wanted to know, even giving him a set of blueprints of the nuclear plant.

It was later discovered, however, that Adil was a spy. He had set up a fax machine and lots of radio and electronic equipment in Bart's treehouse, and was making regular reports to Albania, sending the very information that Homer had given him and the pictures he had taken (a number of which showed Homer posing in front of the machines in the plant). Adil was caught by the FBI when they raided the neighborhood. Instead of being punished, Adil was deported back to Albania and exchanged for an American child spy who had been caught in Albania. In spite of Adil's being a spy, the Simpsons were all sad to see him go[1].

Adil was later seen on a boat full of immigrants sailing into New York City. Bart, from inside the Statue of Liberty, hollered at them that the country was full, and the boat turned away and headed for Canada[2]. It is likely, therefore, that Adil Hoxha ended up in Canada.

Non-Canon Appearances

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants

Adil appears as an enemy in the Krustyland stage, he throws bombs from the top of a carnival game. Due to the NES's limited color pallet he has blue hair and blue clothes in this appearance.

Adil in Bart vs. The Space Mutants


  • Ironically, Communism would fall in Adil's home country of Albania eight months after the character debuted in The Crepes of Wrath. Though small in terms of land size, Communist Albania had an advantage in terms of political survival due to the decision which the country's Communist government made to split with the Eastern Bloc in the 1960s and join the Non-Aligned Movement.
  • While acting as a child spy for Communist Albania, Adil's codename was Sparrow.
  • Adil Hoxha is made up of Adil Carcani's first name (The Prime Minister of Albania from 1981-1991) and Enver Hoxha's last name (The Communist Party's leader and de facto ruler of Albania from 1945-1985). Ironically, the episode aired during Carcani's time as Prime Minister.
  • When Homer agrees to pull strings at security to give Adil a tour of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Adil says Excellent! in a similar manner to Charles Montgomery Burns, who ironically enough is the owner of the power plant he was going to conduct espionage on for the Communists.
  • When being deported back to Albania in exchange for a caught American spy kid, said spy when encountering Axil says "Sparrow, we meet again", implying that this was not their first encounter with each other.


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