Adolf Hitler was a fascist Austrian-born German politician, leader of the Nazi Party (formally National Socialist German Workers' Party), Führer of Germany (a self-given name meaning "leader" or "guide", used in his role as Chancellor and acting President) from 1933 to 1945. He is often referenced, and occasionally appears, usually in flashbacks or dream sequences, particularly in Grampa's stories.


Adolf Hitler is seen in the flashback tracking Bobo's life after Charles Montgomery Burns abandons him. Adolf takes the bear as his own, however when trapped in his bunker at Berlin he blames the bear. Somehow Bobo escapes this bunker.[1] Bart randomly dials Argentina, coincidentally calling Adolf Hitler. He attempts to answer the phone, but does not reach it in time.[2]


Hitler tries to get into his car to answer his phone in "Bart vs. Australia".

Hitler in Itchy and Scratchy.

  • In "Simpson and Delilah", Homer is watching a game show where one of the questions is "The capital of North Dakota was named for what German ruler?" Homer incorrectly guesses "Hitler" instead of "Bismarck," and Marge sarcastically responds "Hitler, North Dakota?"
  • In "The War of the Simpsons", one of the attendees at the church when Homer tries to find his seat resembled Hitler.
  • In "Rosebud" in a flashback to 1927, Charles Lindbergh throws Mr. Burns' teddy bear Bobo into a crowd where it is grabbed by Hitler. In 1945 when Hitler loses the Second World War he blames it on the bear and throws it away.
  • In "Duffless" while Barney congratulates a worker who has to check which Duff bottles are not fit for consumption, several disturbing bottles pass by during their chat, including one with the head of Hitler.
  • However, it is not certain if the head was Hitler's, who, in "Bart vs. Australia", was seen alive and living in South America, when Bart phoned countries south of the equator.
  • In the episode "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" a cartoon from the 1940's is shown where Itchy and Scratchy beat, kick and decapitate him. Then Itchy betrays Scratchy and decapitates him, whilst Franklin D. Roosevelt appears, kicking Scratchy's remains in the butt.
  • An indirect reference to Hitler is made in the episode "Cape Feare". After Sideshow Bob explains to the jury that his "Die Bart, Die" tattoo was in fact German for "The Bart, The", the woman on the parole board says "no one who speaks German could be an evil man".
  • In "Homer vs. Patty and Selma" Homer takes the blame for smoking while it was actually Patty and Selma 's cigarettes. Patty and Selma's superior shows her anger to Homer by calling him "worse than Hitler."
  • In "Marge Be Not Proud", one of the video games seen on display in Springfield's Try-N-Save is entitled "Save Hitler's Brain".
  • In "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"" Abraham Simpson remembers he was close to assassinating Hitler, but failed because of Mr. Burns hitting the barrel with a tennis ball/racquet while he aimed.
  • In "The Regina Monologues" Moe guesses that Hitler was the famous person depicted on the $1000 bill.
  • In "Bart Carny" Hitler's car is destroyed by Bart during a carnival. Nelson Muntz punches Bart and asks him: "That was Hitler's car. What did he ever do to you?"
  • Hitler is also referenced in "New Kids on the Blecch".
  • In "Make Room for Lisa", when Homer wakes up and thinks he's traveled back in time to 1939 he says "1939! Oh, my God, I've gone back in time! I've got to warn everybody about Hitler - and get to the ice cream store!".
  • In “Little Girl in the Big Ten”, Homer thought that Lisa dreamt about Hitler while she was unconscious.
  • Hitler also appears in the short Nazis on Tap, where Homer and Bart stop him from doing wrong.
  • In “Holidays of Future Passed”, when Homer asks Lisa what the matter is, she says, "My daughter thinks I'm a ruthless tyrant, like Hitler or Prince Harry!"
  • In "Treehouse of Horror XXIV", Krusty as a clown in 1932 says "Seriously, folks I really think we should stop this Hitler guy" and everyone laughs at him.
  • Lisa dreams of Hitler in "The Fight Before Christmas".
  • A clock with a Hitler figurine is show in the episode "Elementary School Musical".
  • Hitler is shown in an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon in the episode "The Ten-Per-Cent Solution". In the cartoon, he flattens British radio personality, Scratchy, whilst the Nazi spy, Itchy salutes his fuhrer. Maggie mimics the Nazi salute, leading to Lisa lightly pulling her hand down.
  • In "Dog of Death", when Homer begins talking about "Doggie Heaven", Bart asks if there's a Doggie Hell. When Homer responds in the affirmative, Bart asks who is there, and Homer lists Hitler's dog.



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