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Over here, Mr. President.
―Adrian Belew[src]

Adrian Belew is a boy in Bart Simpson's class and a member of Junior Campers.


His name was on a paper that Ms. Krabappel graded quickly so that she could get to happy hour in the teacher's lounge. If you look close enough, you see that he was given the grade of a B.[1]

Adrian shares the same name as an American rock musician best known for his work with Frank Zappa and King Crimson. The real-life Adrian Belew, however, was born Robert Steven Belew and went by the nickname Steve before becoming a professional musician. The musical connection may be the reason why the Adrian Belew in Bart's class wrote the names "John Coltrane", "Miles Davis" and "Thelonious Monk" (all famous jazz musicians) on his test paper.

He is also part of the Future Photographers of America at Springfield Elementary School. He and another girl wanted a copy of Bart's photo of Homer and Princess Kashmir.[2]

After Bart lost to Martin Prince in the student election, Adrian, carrying a camera and getting ready to take his picture, says, "Over here, Mr. President." He then clicks the shutter and takes his pic. It would be featured on the front page of the school newspaper.[3] Adrian was seen at the Le Petite Appetit with the Sophie Jensen, which implies that the two were dating during the events of the episode, "The Daughter Also Rises". It's likely that Sophie is his girlfriend.


Note: Many of his appearances are brief, background roles including ones made in the opening in Mr. Largo's class. Episodes in which he has an actual role are in bold.

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