Adriatica Vel Johnson is the ex-wife of Julio before he came out as gay and started dating Grady.


Before Julio came out, Adriatica was married to him while living as a straight person. However, Julio became obsessed with the gay lifestyle, became partners with Grady, and moved in with him. It is unknown when Adriatica and Julio got divorced during this time, but at the time Homer roomed with both Grady and Julio, their relationship was long past. At one point, while Homer was living in Grady and Julio's apartment, Adriatica was mentioned in one of the conversations they had.[1]

Adriatica works as a news reporter, as seen when she was covering on the Springfield primary election. She is also a Democrat.[2]

Adriatica was seen with Nash Castor on Head Butt. During a commercial break, she made out with Castor, but she later told him that she wanted a rich husband after Homer shouted at him.[3]



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