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Advent Calendar couch gag
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The Advent Calendar couch gag is the seventh couch gag of Season 22.


The Simpson family and many other characters are seen in a Christmas advent calendar, showing a picture per day:

On December 1st, Moe is decorating his bar's front door with a Duff Beer wreath. On December 2nd, Comic Book Guy is making his gingerbread Death Star. On December 3rd, Snowball V is dressed up like a reindeer, with an antler headband and a strap with bells. On December 4th, Costington's is decorated for the holidays, with Santa Clauses and dollar signs above the signage, and garland around the signage. On December 5th, Kang is attacking Santa and his reindeer with his lasers.

On December 6th, the Springfield County Court House is decorated with garland and wreathes, and the Statue of Jebediah Springfield is dressed up as Santa Claus and is holding a gift, while two pots of poinsettias are aside the base. On December 7th, Ralph is in his stocking, which is already hung up. On December 8th, Krusty the Clown is in a hangover. On December 9th, a sign that says, "Closed for the holidays" is hung up on the front of Springfield Elementary School. On December 10th, the Flanders' house is decorated with garland, wreathes, lights, poinsettias, a "Merry Christmas" sign, and life-sized decorations of Jesus Christ and Santa Claus.

On December 11th, Nelson is admiring his Christmas tree, which looks a lot like Charlie Brown's tree from "A Charlie Brown Christmas". On December 12th, the nativity scene is shown, but Mr. Teeny is the role of baby Jesus. On December 13th, Homer is strangling Bart while wearing Santa hats. On December 14th, Kent Brockman is dressed up as an elf and is annoyed by it. On December 15th, Lisa is decorating Marge's hair like a Christmas tree.

On December 16th, Snake is holding a Salvation Army Santa hostage at gunpoint while he steals the donation money from the red kettle. On December 17th, Old Jewish Man and Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky are eating at a Chinese restaurant. On December 18th, Otto is flying his school bus like Santa's sleigh, with the reindeer attached to the bus. On December 19th, Kearney is sitting on Santa's lap. On December 20th, Smithers is sitting on Santa's lap this time.

On December 21st, Smithers and Santa switch roles; Santa is sitting on Smithers' lap. On December 22nd, Dr. Hibbert is stitching up Hans Moleman's chest that reads, "Happy Holidays". On December 23rd, Moe is wearing a cap that says, "Kiss me" and has a pole attached to the hat that has a mistletoe at the end of it.

Finally, on Christmas Eve, the Simpson family is seen sitting on the couch with Santa Claus.

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