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Adventure Time couch gag
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The Adventure Time Couch Gag is the first couch gag of Season 28


The couch gag opens with a view of an old junkyard with mutated rats around the CRT TV from the Season 2-early 20 opening and Ralph, hanging from a tire swing. It then goes over to the pile of burning tires and then past Springfield Elementary School, where it is snowing. Barney is snow plowing and Nelson is beating up Milhouse. It then shows the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, resembling the Ice Kingdom mountains, and Mr. Burns dressed as the Ice King, sealing up a nuclear leak. It then goes into Springfield, where multiple Springfield citizens are shaped to look like Candy People. Maggie, dressed as Princess Bubblegum is riding on Santa's Little Helper, extended to look like Lady Rainicorn. The camera then goes to Springfield Gorge as the Adventure Time theme song starts, where Homer Simpson is attempting to jump it on a skateboard, but fails. Lisa is then seen playing her saxophone in the same style as Marcaline, playing her guitar. We go past the Spuckler residence, and go in between the Simpson and Flanders homes and into Bart's treehouse, where Bart is dressed as Finn and Homer is in the form of Jake. Homer jumps up and strangles Bart in the same fashion as Finn and Jake high fiving each other.

Then, imagery shows up on screen, such as the title "Simpsons Time", with a nuclear test tube going through the "time" in the same way the sword from the Adventure Time logo does, while Homer and Bart are depicted as angels and lift up a banner that says "with Bart and Homer" (one end of the banner is stuck between Homer's legs, and is seen struggling to get it off). Bart and Homer are then seen sniffing each other's butts. Bart is then seen riding Homer through a junkyard. The character faces then appear on screen and then the Simpson family climbs up on a couch that is at the top of a giant cliff. The "Simpsons Time" logo appears again. Bart then kicks Homer off the couch and Maggie sucks on her pacifier, as the Created by/Developed by credits appear below the logo.



Simpsons Time
Run, don't walk
You might even hear
Maggie talk
Bart the Boy
and a dog named Homer
And jokes written on signs
It's Simpsons Time


  • This couch gag is a parody of the Adventure Time opening. This and said show's theme songs were performed by Pendleton Ward.
  • Clancy Wiggum breaks the fourth wall, when he is knocked over by the camera.
  • Homer Simpson is seen trying to skateboard over Springfield Gorge and ultimately failing, referencing to the famous scene and semi-running gag from "Bart the Daredevil".


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