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Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Adventures in Baby-Getting
Gone Abie Gone

Cultural references


  • The opening sequence is also similar to the "Treehouse of Horror XIX" opening sequence, which was about the 2008 United States presidential election.
  • In Disney+ and syndication reruns, The Simpsons normal opening sequence is used instead of the one where Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney and winds up working in a china factory.
  • The underground water cavern looks like (and drains like) a human bladder.
  • The credits were done in cursive writing, the same writing style Lisa learned to write in this episode.
  • Marge's new car's plate number is PABF18, which is the production code of this episode.
  • The Itchy & Scratchy Movie from "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" is shown playing in the drive-thru movies. As the entire family watches the movie together in this episode, this contradicts the former episode's ending, which implied Bart never got to see the movie until its re-release forty years into the future.
  • This is the second episode where a sinkhole has caused part of Springfield to collapse, and the third time in the series. The first being "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)", and the second being "The Movie".
  • Marge is driving her red car again in later episodes. Meaning, it must have somewhere been recovered or Marge got a car similar to the old one.
  • This is the second episode where Marge gets a new car which causes her to develop negative feelings. The first being "Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"."
  • This is the second episode where a slob's dispersed sperm leads to multiple babies resembling them. The first being "Selma's Choice."
  • This is the second episode which ends with Homer with someone resembling him due to genetics. The first being "The Regina Monologues."
  • This is the third episode where Homer's sperm appear. The first two being "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?" and "And Maggie Makes Three."
  • When Marge kicks Homer out of the hotel, he goes into a motel called "The Dog House", a visual pun on the phrase "in the doghouse". This was also parodied in "Brawl in the Family".
  • Moe says he has adjusted to 'runaway monorails'.
  • Homer questions Marge about an 'on-purpose' baby. This is a reference to Bart being an accident.
  • After a One-Year Hiatus, This is the 8th episode to not have the Couch Gag, Billboard Gag and Chalkboard Gag. The last time it happened was in the season 23 episode, "The Food Wife."
  • The "giant sinkhole" is referenced in the new Springfield anthem Why Springfield, Why Not.


  • In this episode, Marge is shocked to find that Homer has a low sperm count, but in "Eight Misbehavin'," Marge already knows that Homer is sterile from working at the nuclear plant for years (which was also mentioned on season three's "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?")
  • A line of Kent Brockman's nose is missing when he is interviewing Moe. The line reappears when Barney wakes up.
  • The time the drop of water falls is exactly 20 seconds. Marge, Lisa and Bart could not get ready to school in that time.
  • In the first scene of Marge driving to school, Lisa and Bart are far apart. But in the next shot, they are close together.
  • When Marge walks out of the house to complain about the leaky faucet the second time, she is wearing boots. However, after the shot switches to Homer and back to her, she is wearing her original shoes.
  • Despite the premise of Lisa's plot, her cursive writing is not well constructed. Specifically, she incorrectly includes leading joins when the first letter of a word is rounded. For example: the 'o' in 'of', and the 'q' in "quickly".
  • If Homer was too lazy to fix the faucet, why didn’t Marge just fix the faucet, or call someone to fix it for her?

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