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Airshot is the hero in the Vindicator movies. He's played by Glen Tangier.


Airshot has wind superpowers to defeat foes. He dies in the Marbel Universe, after the preceding Vindicator movie. When his actor Glen Tangier goes to see the sick Milhouse Van Houten Bart steals Glen’s laptop and steals his fingerprint while pretending to be Milhouse, with the fingerprint Bart watches the brand new Vindicator movie which won’t be released for a month, and shows Comic Book Guy a scene of Airshot killing-off a villain in the new movie by blowing on his chest which causes part of his chest to evaporate. Later on Glen (portraying Airshot) dances with Lisa as part of another one of Bart’s blackmails. Afterwards, Bart is briefly abducted by Marble Studios, and they have a fake VR Experience for Bart, when the the confused Bart is greeted by the Vindicators from the movies, who show him Airshot’s corpse after being murdered because his mouth was taped shut, preventing him from stopping the villain. This helps Bart to decide to stop another villain.

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