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The Ajax Steel Mill is a steel mill in Springfield. It also doubles as a nightclub called The Anvil.


When Homer was concerned that Bart was homosexual, he took Bart to a steel mill to show him an example of real men at hard work. Roscoe, the mill's manager, gave them a tour which Homer enjoyed, until they met the rest of the workers When Roscoe asked the workers to say hello to Homer and Bart, they all waved and said "Hel-looooooo!" in a sing-song, stereotypically effeminate fashion, and Homer saw that all the workers in the plant were openly homosexual.

Roscoe then pulled a chain which made music play and a disco ball descend from the ceiling, and all the workers started dancing with each other, turning the steel mill into a gay nightclub, called "The Anvil." Roscoe said that after working hard, they played hard.

Homer then beat a hasty retreat from the steel mill, covering Bart's eyes as he slowly backed away.

Behind the Laughter

The Ajax Steel Mill at break time.

The music that plays when Roscoe and his workers go on break is "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" by C+C Music Factory. featuring Martha Wash on vocals.

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