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Al Aqsa Mosque (المسجد الأقصى‎) was third of mosque.

Place name: Dome of the Rock, Qiblah Mosque, Library of Masjid al Qadim, Masjid al Qadim, Western Wall & Al Marwan prayer room.


Masjid al Aqsa is put in Al Haram Al Sharif, its made by king.

Muhammad & Jibril era

Dome of The Rock made where Muhammad made, that where call Jibril.

Pre caliph era

In Masjid al Qadim, there is prayer mat made by Ali bin Abi Talib the fourth caliph, the library was renovated.

In Dome of The Rock, there is Mihrab al Sulaiman made by Abu Bakr the first caliph.

In Al Marwan prayer room, there is gate made by Al Marwan the Marwani caliph, & fence made by Al Fatih the Marwani caliph.


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Dome of The Rock, it place where Muhammad ride Buraq, made with gold, blue graphy, & 2 door.