Al Jean (born 9 January 1961) is a TV comedy writer most known for his work on The Simpsons. He was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan, where he graduated from Harrison High School. His family owns a hardware store across the street from the high school, called Jean's Hardware. He attended Harvard University [1]. He has written for National Lampoon magazine, The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson, ALF and The PJs. In 1994, along with Mike Reiss, he created the prime time animated show The Critic. Jean is currently executive producer and show runner of The Simpsons. He was show runner for Seasons 3 and 4, along with Mike Reiss. Jean majored in mathematics at Harvard University. Jean has been featured extensively in Simpsons DVD commentaries and is known for having a nasal voice.

Jean is also the creator of the web series Jesus and His brothers on

Jean is currently executive producer on The Simpsons.

Based on a few comments that Jean made during commentary tracks on The Simpsons Season 3 DVD, some fans believe that he is critical of the Fox cartoon show Family Guy.




List of Scary Names for Al Jean

Awful Al Jean

Atrocious Al Jean

Avancular Al Jean

Anacronistic Al Jean

Mean Al Jean

Al "I Murdered Mike Reiss" Jean

Al "I Still Murdered Mike Reiss" Jean

Alimony Jean

Al "Halloween Names Are Back" Jean

Al "Death Machine" Jean

Al "Family Guy" Jean

Al "July 27th 2007" Jean

Alloween Jean

Washinton Mutal Jean

Al "20 More Years" Jean

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