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Albert Einstein was a famous physicist known for his theory of relativity E = mc².


School psychologist J. Loren Pryor had a poster of Einstein in his office at Springfield Elementary School.[1] [2] Homer also once had a poster of Albert Einstein in his college dorm bedroom.[3] Sideshow Bob was once going to steal Einstein's DNA from a museum to use to make himself smarter.[4]

When Homer started at college he hung up a poster of Albert Einstein and W. C. Fields in his bedroom.

Einstein has a star on The Jewish Walk of Fame.

Lisa told Henry that Einstein didn't speak until he was three and Marge added that even then he could only speak German.

When Homer visited the website, a picture of Einstein was on the site's front page.

When Cletus was convinced that Bart was not one of his kids, he told him "you've convinced me, Einstein".

Non-canon Appearances

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Einstein once came back as a zombie after Bart read an incantation while trying to resurrect one of the deceased Snowball.[5]. Einstein was envisioned in jew heaven dancing by Krusty after his father died. [6]

He also "appeared" in the Treehouse of Horror XVI segment "I've Grown a Costume on Your Face". A Witch turned everyone in Springfield into what or who their costumes represented. As Lisa was with an Albert Einsten costume, she became him. Later, she realized that Maggie was turned into a real witch and would be able to reverse the spell. [7]